We’re moving!!!!

In order to have more control over the blog, we have moved to our brand-new, self-hosted site at PoisonYourMind.com.  Please, update your links, bookmarks, google reader subscriptions, etc.

We’ve taken efforts to preserve every post, comment, and typo just as it was. Feel free to whine and complain here, I promise to come back and check just to see what your problems are. Whiners.

So, please take a minute to follow us to our new home. We know that any change results in minor discomfort, which is why we’re doing this as quickly and early as we can. I promise, no more changes.*

* Guarantee not valid in the United States


About nickgb

Nick is a lawyer and lives in DC, because that's where lawyers come from and his inertia is unbelievable.
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6 Responses to We’re moving!!!!

  1. dedc79 says:

    why wasn’t I consulted about this?

  2. Why didn’t you set up the filter so that edc79-day couldn’t read this?

  3. This is all about monetization strategy, isn’t it?


    Actually, if it is, I’m impressed….;-)

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